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Invest in 30+ cryptos with TL, USD and USDT.
Turkish and international stocks are coming soon.

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We want everyone to have a chance to access better returns

ortak means shareholder, partner in Turkish, someone who has skin in the game.

Targeting for democratization of wealth, believing in power of masses,we have created a platform to enable every saving owner invest hassle free.

In ortak, you might be a shareholder to a blue-chip company,or invest along a high return trader. You do not need to spend hours in front of a screen or even have a financial literacy.

We bring best traders in town to partner up with you, to have skin in your game.

How do I become a partner?

How do I become a trader?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded the ortak app?
ortak was founded in April 2022 by BluTV founder Aydın Doğan Yalçındağ and co-founder Anıl Mertol, and met its first users in 2023.
Which are the ortak’s contracted banks?
ortak has agreements with Akbank, DenizBank, Fibabanka, Halkbank, İşbank, QNB Finansbank, TEB and Vakıfbank. You can deposit from any TL bank account to ortak accounts anytime.
Where are my crypto assets stored?
It is stored in our wallets protected by certified Fireblocks technology from the world's leading cybersecurity organizations. All your cryptos are held in our treasury on your behalf.
How do I invest along an investor?
After depositing money into your account, you can become a partner of the traders by selecting the amount you want with the "Invest Along" button on the profile of the investor you want.
How do I take my place on the leaderboard?
By publishing your profile and starting to invest, you can take your place on the leaderboard.

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